Pendulum Wave Machine at Brunswick Park

Pendulum Wave Machine
Brunswick Park
21st October 2021 – 23rd October 2021

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Pendulum Wave Machine

Travelling Light Circus bring The Pendulum Wave Machine to Corridor of Light, a mesmerising machine that captivates all who watch it with its magical, mechanical movements, hypnotically swinging back and forth, back and forth.

Twenty steel balls seem to float, like baubles of mercury, before being set in motion to become a harmonious wave of dreamy beauty as the silver spheres fall mysteriously into line, then dissolve into chaos. All who witness our creation cannot help but get hypnotised by its timeless snake-like charm and entrancing wonder!

The mechanical marvel is a fusion of science and art that will delight visitors to Corridor of Light who can view the spectacle from a specially cast, Concretene Bench which has been reinforced with graphene.

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