Peaceophobia at Q-Park First Street Car Park

Q-Park First Street Car Park
29th September 2021 – 2nd October 2021

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Men stood by cars in promotional photo for Peaceophobia

Common Wealth and Fuel present Peaceophobia, an unapologetic response to rising Islamophobia around the world. Part car-meet part-theatre, the show explores how you find peace in a world that tells you who you are.

Growing up in the shadow of the Bradford Riots, 9/11 and police harassment, cars and faith are a sanctuary, an escape, an expression for three Muslim Pakistani men. Ali, Sohail and Casper are taking control of the narratives around their religion, their city, and their cars.

Part of Contact‘s on-location series, Peaceophobia will be staged at the Q-Park car park at First Street, using real cars (a Supra, Golf and a classic Nova for you petrol heads) combined with cinematic lighting and an original electronic sound score to create a vivid and immersive theatrical experience.

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