Orbit Festival 2021 at HOME

Orbit Festival 2021
23rd November 2021 – 4th December 2021

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A composite image of the artists performing at this year's Orbit Festival

Orbit Festival 2021 sees the return of HOME’s annual celebration of extraordinary, award-winning, international artists.

This year’s Orbit Festival combines live and digital work, with online performances of Figs in Wigs’ Astrology Bingo and Rachel Young’s Plough – co-commissioned by HOME – joined live from the theatre by Two Destination Language’s beautiful, flower-filled storm of emotion Near Gone, Xavier De Sousa’s durational performance Regnant and Louise Orwin’s radical exploration of horror movies, queerness and Sleepwalk Collective and Christopher Brett Bailey’s Psychodrama, a nightmare vision of freedom through spiraling episodes of intense sensuality and phantasmagoric violence.

Once again, HOME has assembled a superb group of artists and theatre-makers for this year’s Orbit Festival. Along with Push, HOME gives audiences the opportunity to experience some of the most exciting new works from writers and artists in the North West and from across the world.

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