Nobody at HOME

10th February 2022 – 12th February 2022

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In Nobody, Leamington Spa-based dance company Motionhouse bring their renowned dance-circus style combined with mesmerising choreography to tell this emotional and ultimately uplifting story, full of twists and turns. Packed with visual magic, the world on stage is transformed before our eyes. Digital projections and the shape-shifting set create a constantly changing environment where nothing is quite what it seems…

We follow seven characters on their journey of self-discovery to find strength and support in each other, while a group of curious crows questions their every move. As they negotiate their ever-changing reality, the performers search for answers as the world unravels around them. Can they work together to find out who they are? Nobody at HOME is a spellbinding and strikingly visual adventure – a highly relevant and moving show that resonates with the times we live in.

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