Mommie Queerest – Cancelled at HOME

Mommie Queerest – Cancelled
5th April 2023 – 8th April 2023

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Mommie Queerest
Experience the theatrical musical parody of the horrific celluloid glamour known as Mommie Dearest.

Aging drag star PEACHES CHRIST must do something to boost her public appeal and so in a desperate attempt to attract attention she adopts a brand new drag daughter, Hek-tina played by San Francisco drag legend, HEKLINA.

Peaches promises to give her new drag daughter all the things she never had but young Hek-tina quickly learns that her drag mother is a mentally abusive wreck. Hek-tina begins to secretly plan to take her mother down. Poor GEORGE BOURGEOIS the maid is stuck in the middle!

Come out and witness this hilarious horror show about drag-legend abuse! But leave your wire hangers at home…

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