MIF21: Poet Slash Artist: Catch a Fire at HOME

MIF21: Poet Slash Artist: Catch a Fire
2nd July 2021

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Composite shot of artists performing at Poet Slash Artist: Catch a Fire

Catch a Fire is a live anthology of poetry, music and the places where they connect. Curated by Cerys Matthews, hosted by Jeffrey Boakye and inspired by MIF21’s Poet Slash Artist exhibition, this one-night special at HOME‘s Homeground features more than a dozen acts celebrating words, music, rhythm and rhyme.

Gary Crosby’s 12-piece Jazz Jamaica will be joined by Zara McFarlane for ‘Catch A Fire’, a tribute to the universal poetry of the classic Bob Marley album. Dele Sosimi brings his party-starting Afrobeat Experience to the city, while local lad Mike Garry will be giving a special performance of St Anthony, his tribute to Tony Wilson. Beat Generation legend Michael Horovitz will be in conversation with son and fellow poet Adam Horovitz. Young Identity will be celebrating the poetry of Rumi, Hafez and Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

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