MIF21: Cloud Studies at The Whitworth

MIF21: Cloud Studies
The Whitworth
1st July 2021 – 17th July 2021

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A photograph of a mushroom cloud promoting MIF21's Cloud Studies
Cloud Studies

Cloud Studies is part of Manchester International Festival, commissioned and produced with the Whitworth and The University of Manchester.

Cloud Studies includes the first phase of a major new Forensic Architecture investigation, commissioned by MIF21 alongside the Whitworth and MIF, on environmental racism along the banks of the Mississippi in Louisiana. Here, majority-Black communities whose ancestors were enslaved on these grounds breathe the most toxic air in the US – leading to the region’s nickname, ‘Cancer Alley’.

Forensic Architecture is a research agency of architects, artists, filmmakers, journalists, lawyers, scientists and software developers that investigates state and corporate violence. Cloud Studies is their first exhibition in Manchester.

As well as visiting the exhibition here on Oxford Road Corridor, you can also experience it online, details of which are to follow

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