Maxïmo Park at Manchester Academy

Maximo Park

One of the more enduring bands from the post-punk revival of the early to mid-2000s, Maxïmo Park craft smart, sharply catchy guitar pop songs. Like their friends and neighbours Field Music and the Futureheads, they took inspiration from legends like the Jam, XTC and The Smiths. 

Frontman Paul Smith’s heartfelt vocals and lyrics added an emotional pull to their music, especially on their 2005 Mercury Prize-nominated debut, A Certain Trigger, and 2007’s Our Earthly Pleasures. Maxïmo Park were also unafraid to share their overtly political viewpoint, even when it was unfashionable, as on 2012’s The National Health and 2017’s Too Much Information. However, they never lost touch with the deep feelings in their music, and 2021’s Nature Always Wins proved they were just as endearingly thoughtful and earnest as they were when they started.

Now back on the road, catch Maxïmo Park at Manchester Academy with support from Pip Blom. 

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