Luke Haines & Peter Buck at Gorilla

Luke Haines & Peter Buck
20th February 2023

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Luke Haines & Peter Buck

One of the sharpest and most prolific British songwriters of his generation, Luke Haines, has partnered with R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck.

During the last two years, over lockdowns, Luke Haines and Peter Buck retreated to a cold war bunker and recorded 2022’s double album/manifesto, All the Kids Are Super Bummed Out, an atmospheric meditation on the aftermath of a previous generation’s youth culture. The album includes contributions from Scott McCaughey, Linda Pitmon, and Lenny Kaye. The monster-piece and masterpiece, is the answer to the question: Why are all the Kids super bummed out?

Catch Luke Haines and Peter Buck at Gorilla on Monday.

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