Love to Read: The Odyssey with Lara Williams at Manchester Poetry Library

Love to Read: The Odyssey with Lara Williams
Manchester Poetry Library
16th June 2022

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The Odyssey is a pitch perfect satire of contemporary life as a bored cruise ship employee with a chequered past finds herself enrolled in an increasingly alarming mentorship scheme. Join the author at Manchester Poetry Library to discuss her work as part of Manchester Festival of Libraries 2022.

Love to Read is a programme established to encourage students at Manchester Metropolitan University to read for pleasure. “Reading for pleasure” or “leisure reading” are both terms used interchangeably to mean reading done primarily for enjoyment. This includes the reading of fiction or non-fiction books. Love to Read showcases some of the excellent reading material held at Manchester Metropolitan Library and Manchester Poetry Library that might not necessarily be connected to our students’ academic studies. For Manchester Festival of Libraries 2022, we would like to welcome students, staff and the public to join us.

Visit Manchester Poetry Library during Manchester Festival of Libraries 2022: Manchester Poetry Library is Manchester’s newest library, and is open to the public. Throughout the festival, they are running 20 minute introductory tours of the library Wednesday to Saturday at 1pm. There will also be a late tour on Wednesday at 6pm (booking is advised). Family activity packs will be available, so do explore the children’s section. The Poetry Library is currently hosting Abigail Reynolds’s Elliptical Reading project as part of the British Art Show 9.

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