July Jones at The Deaf Institute

July Jones is a future superstar with an instantly distinctive look and a unique point of view. Her edgy electro-pop songs combine razor-sharp hooks with forward-thinking production choices and filter-free lyrics about relationships, queerness and mental health. “I’m queer and my partner is transgender, so for me it’s very important to speak about being LGBTQ,” she says. “I want my fans to know there’s a voice for them and not every song has to be about f*cking and ‘bitches’ and alcohol, though it’s great to sing about that too sometimes.” Having established herself as an in-demand songwriter with credits including BTS, 99 Souls, Girli and Nasty Cherry, this fiercely talented Slovenian musician is ready to unleash her own project.

Catch this Gen-Z icon in Manchester when they bring their razor-sharp electropop hooks to The Lodge at Deaf Institute.

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