John Powell-Jones: CYBERJUNK at Castlefield Gallery

John Powell-Jones: CYBERJUNK
Castlefield Gallery
17th October 2021 – 19th December 2021

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John Powell-Jones: CYBERJUNK

John Powell-Jones’ first major solo exhibition CYBERJUNK includes 3D and 2D animation, life-size characters, a comic book, ceramics and tufted wall hangings. His work is informed by the ways in which dominant ideologies and power structures influence our perceptions of reality. In particular, how the warped western view of progress and success affects our understanding of morality. These ideas are explored through the use of speculative fiction, taking inspiration from European folklore, body horror, survival horror and science fiction. Powell-Jones aims to form a dialogue with our present and an imagined dystopian future in which the horrors of capitalism and neoliberal ideology are present as cyborgs, demons and maggots.

Characters from CYBERJUNK also recently appeared in Technotrash: The Fellowship of Technoid (2020) performance for the Holden Gallery, Manchester and Quantum Loop (2020) a video series exhibited as part of This Is A Not Me, IMT gallery, London.

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