Interruptions: Dani Abulhawa, Concord at The Holden Gallery

Interruptions: Dani Abulhawa, Concord
The Holden Gallery
22nd October 2021

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Interruptions: Dani Abulhawa, Concord

Presented by Word of Warning + the Holden Gallery

How are walls felt through bodies and generations? How might political walls be brought down? A performance exploring the experience of restricted movement across borders — real and imaginary, current and historical.

Developed from interviews and research about the ways that people find to circumvent or overcome restrictions, Concord invites you to consider how walls are made, how they’re embodied, and how they might be dismantled.

Free Entry: no booking required, entry is on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited capacity.

Concord developed from Dani’s research into political walls and borders, and from her own and her family’s lived experience of the separation wall in Israel/Palestine. She conducted research and interviews with a range of people who have experience of political separation from different contexts across the world — including the Berlin Wall, Korea, Cyprus, China, the US, and others.

Exploring their audio testimonies through movement, Dani developed a series of short choreographies that she performs alongside her

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