Ingrid Andress at Gorilla

Ingrid Andress
9th May 2023

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GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress digs deeper than ever before to explore the dark and the light within us all on her highly anticipated sophomore album, GoodPerson, available everywhere now. On each of the 13 tracks, all co–produced and co-written by Andress, she returns to the reflection and confession at the core of her songwriting and plumbs even deeper. Having gone through two years that were transforming a line every way and triumphing in the face of some unprecedented career- obstacles, Andress knew that the best way forward was a brave willingness to be even more truthful and real. Along the way, she also found that changes were happening in her personal life and that the songs were actually leading the way, revealing emotions she wasn’t fully aware of yet. She pushed for bold, experimental sounds that blended banjos with vocoders; swung from sweeping orchestration to spare, acoustic-based arrangements; and showcased previously unexplored parts of her vocal range.

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