Illuminating Nature at The Manchester Museum

Illuminating Nature
The Manchester Museum
21st October 2021 – 23rd October 2021

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A bright prink shell that will be featured in Manchester Museum's Illuminating Nature
© Tom Pettini, The University of Manchester

6-10pm, free, no booking required

Manchester Museum will have a new display in its window on Oxford Road, titled Illuminating Nature, to celebrate Corridor of Light.

It will feature a number of stunning shells from its collection, including Cowrie shells, Keyhole Limpets and Star Turban shells, which all glow a brilliant, florescent pink and show just how magical nature can be.

Did you know that Manchester Museum has the fourth-largest mollusc collection in Britain, with 166,000 lots, and an estimated 750,000 individual specimens?!

The museum shop will stay open until 9pm on 21 – 23 October.

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