House of Suarez Presents: Vogue Ball at Contact

House of Suarez Presents: Vogue Ball
4th February 2023

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House of Suarez Presents Vogue Ball

House of Suarez takes us back to the glorious decade of disco, join them at Contact and battle through categories with our master of ceremonies Rikki Beadle-Blair!

The House of Suarez Vogue Ball is a major public event that gives opportunities for both professional and community artists to compete using choreography, styling and design with unapologetic fierceness! To compete, a group of artists – known as ‘houses’ – would enter into one or more of the ball’s categories in front of a large audience and a panel of esteemed judges.

House of Suarez celebrates Vogue culture, with its roots in Black and Latinx queer and trans culture, and recognises and furthers vogue as an independent art form, incorporating unique and specific dance techniques, theatre, costume design and creation, and drag performance. HOS has strived from its inception to be inclusive, diverse, and to provide opportunities for under-represented communities including the varied LGBTQIA+, QTBIPOC, deaf, disabled and neurodiverse communities.

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