HOME Artist Film Weekender at HOME

HOME Artist Film Weekender
1st December 2022 – 4th December 2022

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HOME Artist Film Weekender
Working to Beat the Devil, dir. Chu-Li Shewring & Adam Gutch, 2014

HOME’s annual celebration of the wild and wonderful world of artist film returns with a packed weekend of screenings, talks, and workshops.

The seventh edition of the HOME Artist Film Weekender is inspired by the idea of worldbuilding – highlighting artists that envision alternate futures, build speculative worlds, and expand our imagination of the possible.

Join us on this cinematic journey – imagining utopic gender-fluid futures and human-plant hybrid communities with Maryna Makarenko; exploring the interweaved worlds of spirits and science in the collaborative films of Chu-Li Shewring & Adam Gutch; speculating on gender, reproduction and technology in the sci-fi inspired work of Pedro Neves Marques; and travelling beyond the stagnant fiction of a singular capitalist future to the queer, comical, and cosmic wonderlands presented in Destination: Other Worlds.

We will kick off the HOME Artist Film Weekender 2022 with Cinema Paradiso, an opening night celebration of short films, live performances, and sound installations, hosted at Paradise Works in Salford.

Curated by Jamie Allan and Alice Wilde.

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