Hatchie at YES

26th September 2022

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Portrait of singer Hatchie
Nick Maguire

Giving the World Away, the sophomore album from Hatchie is the truest introduction to the songwriter at the helm of the project. Although her sound arrived fully formed, a dazzling dream-pop and shoegaze tangle, it’s here that Hatchie fully distils the core of herself into a record.“I’m capable of writing more than just nice dream-pop songs, and there’s more to me than just writing songs about being in love or being heartbroken –there’s a bigger picture than that,” Hatchieexplains. “This album really just feels like the beginning to me, and scratching the surface –and even though it’s my third release as Hatchie, I feel like I’m rebooting from scratch.

Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, known for his work with Sky Ferreira, Japanese Breakfast, and Wild Nothing, Giving the World Away is Hatchie’s most thunderous, sprawling work yet. Featuring intensive input from longtime Hatchie collaborator Joe Agius, it takes the celestial, shimmering shoegaze and pop sensibilities of her earlier releases, but with the volume knob cranked up tenfold. Built out with percussion from Beach House drummer James Barone, it’s synthed-out, sonic opulence, a more structured and ornate musicality with traces of ‘90s trip-hop and acid house influences.

See Hatchie at YES this September.

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