Grandmother’s Closet at Contact

Grandmother’s Closet
16th February 2023

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A shot of a performer onstage in Grandmother's Closet

Grandmother’s Closet is an autobiographical musical adventure that promises mischief and mashups, dresses and divas, and a whole lot of heart.

Growing up in a close-knit south Wales community, Luke Hereford relied on his Nan as a personal cheerleader to guide him through his queer childhood.

On his first tentative steps down the yellow brick road, Luke takes on Broadway, experiences his very first pride event and finds his perfect shade of lipstick – all to the tune of Madonna, Kylie, Kate Bush and all of his favourite pop divas.

Join Luke at Contact as he stumbles along his journey of queer self-discovery through the glamorous spirit of his Nan, capturing their brightest memories – before they start to fade forever.

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