Elephant Gym at Manchester Academy

Elephant Gym
Manchester Academy
30th May 2024

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Formed in 2012 in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, the experimental trio Elephant Gym interlace various threads of jazz, electronic, and classical into a singular patchwork of contemporary math- and post-rock. At once evoking the towering, boisterous essence of elephants, and the acrobatic, dexterous nature of a gymnast, Elephant Gym’s sound feeds off tension and unlikely contrasts. 
 Elephant Gym songs often find bassist KT Chang as the lead voice, her nimble and expressive playing style a signature imprint of the Elephant Gym sonic character. Sibling Tell Chang meshes deftly on guitar and occasionally keys, with Chia-Chin Tu’s elastic drumming as a malleable anchorpoint between his bandmates’ funk-and-jazz-infused chops. 
 The trio’s tenure has seen the release of a handful of EPs and three full lengths, Angle (2014), Underwater (2018), and Dreams (2022), as well as a number of international and local collaborations that span the spectrum of the arts, ranging from theater productions to wind orchestras to traditional percussion ensembles.

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