Drink and Draw with Indy Arts at The Old Abbey Taphouse

Drink and Draw with Indy Arts
The Old Abbey Taphouse
11th June 2022

Price £14.50

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Drink & Draw is an opportunity to explore your creative side and indulge in some drawing, painting and collage with your tipple of choice, in a non-judgemental, encouraging and mindful environment.

Drink & Draw isn’t a workshop; it’s a social, creative event open to all creative abilities – whether you’re an established artist who needs a bit of inspiration or you just fancy trying something new, join in at Old Abbey Taphouse and get making.

Indy Arts encourage enjoying the process rather than worrying about the final outcome. There will be a curated still life set up to draw during the session with an assortment of different items. The session isn’t tutored but it is guided with a series of suggested drawing techniques and prompts. You are also welcome to let your creative side take over and do your own thing.

Included with your ticket are the materials – paper, chunky wax pastels, felt tip pens, paint and collaging materials as well as a cocktail or soft drink on arrival!

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