DIIV at o2 Ritz Manchester

DIIV helped to foster a shoegaze scene that has since swept up many imaginations, they rose above it despite nearly falling apart.

Over the last decade, DIIV have established themselves as one of rock music’s most fascinating bands, exploring new textures while pushing their songcraft forward in a way that continues to draw in larger audiences worldwide. 

Back with their fourth album, Frog In Boiling Water, they possess a bracing and immersive live prescence, with their influence felt across a new generation of artists as they cememt their legacy as one of North America’s most formidable rock acts. 

Frog in Boiling Water is a gorgeous and haunted record, as DIIV gaze into our collective oblivion and try to articulate a trace of hope inside that enveloping gloom. Balancing rhythms first built from breakbeats and inspired by post-industrial power with guitars and vocals that often billow like diaphanous drapery, the album is mighty but breezy, greyscale but opalescent.

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