Dick Whittington and his Amazing Cat at Contact Theatre

Dick Whittington and his Amazing Cat
Contact Theatre
11th December 2021 – 3rd January 2022

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Dick Whittington and his Amazing Cat is an upbeat, modern production of the classic rags-to-riches story at Contact. The panto tells the tale of young Dick Whittington and his loyal cat ‘Scratch’ on their exciting quest for fame and fortune.

Can Dick defeat evil King Rat and his rat hordes?

Can he win the love of the beautiful Alice Fitzwarren?

Can he survive shipwrecks, magic, pirates, ghosts, sharks and Freda the Cook’s terrible pies?

Featuring a multi-talented, all-singing, all-dancing cast (no wooden reality-TV stars here), it really is a treat for children of all ages…even grown-up ones!

Sign up for ‘Team Cat’…and join us on the road from Manchester to London Town for the funniest, flashiest funkiest Pantomime of them all!

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