Dexys at The Bridgewater Hall

American alt-country icons Wilco return to the UK in the autumn, for a series of headline shows and festival performances.

Formed in 1978, Dexys Midnight Runners reached the #1 spot in the UK in 1980 with Geno which was soon followed by their debut album

After the album’s release, the lineup of the band changed with leader Kevin Rowland also changing the Dexys horn-led sound and look. In 1982, the band’s most commercially successful album was released featuring international megahit Come On Eileen. The band were now directly inspired by folk and Celtic music.

Three years later, a new sound and look followed with – an album which confounded critics at the time, though it remained a fan favourite and was positively re-assessed when it was later reissued. Dexys Midnight Runners disbanded shortly after its release.

In 2003, Dexys reformed for a series of concerts, this time dropping “Midnight Runners” from their name. The band began work on a new album which would eventually be released in 2012. was hailed as a masterpiece by critics and was a triumphant comeback. Two years of touring followed.

After further lineup changes, Dexys released a covers album – a record Kevin had wanted to make since the mid 80’s.

The band returned in 2023 for a new album and further concerts. Catch them at The Bridgewater Hall in September.

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