Dance Move. Wendy Erskine, Graham Caveny, Heidi James and Adelle Stripe at Blackwell's Bookshop

Dance Move. Wendy Erskine, Graham Caveny, Heidi James and Adelle Stripe
Blackwell’s Bookshop
9th March 2022

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DANCE MOVE: Wendy Erskine, Graham Caveny, Heidi James and Adelle...

Blackwell’s welcome Wendy Erskine to the shop for the Manchester launch of her latest short story collection, Dance Move. Wendy has invited a special panel of guests to read alongside her and they’ll be discussing Wendy’s work with host David Gaffney.

Wendy will be joined by:

Graham Caveney, who will be reading from his forthcoming book On Agoraphobia, an entertaining and moving mix of memoir and cultural history of agoraphobia, its history and its appearances in literature and art.

Writer and journalist Adelle Stripe will be treating us to an extract from Ten Thousand Apologies, her music biography inspired by the strange life and curious times of notorious UK band Fat White Family.

Author and host of the First Graft podcast, Heidi James, will be reading from her latest critically acclaimed novel The Sound Mirror.

About the book:

Meet Drew Lord Haig, called upon to sing the obscure hit from his youth at a paramilitary event. Or Max, who recalls an eventful journey to a Christian film festival. Meet Mrs Dallesandro, in the tanning salon on her wedding anniversary dreaming of a teenage sexual experience. And Sonya, who scours the streets of Belfast for the missing posters of her dead son.

In Dance Move, the new collection of stories from Wendy Erskine, we meet characters who are looking to wrest control of their lives, only to find themselves defined by the moment in their past that marked them.

In these stories – as in real life – the funny, the tender and the devastating go hand in hand. Full of warmth, the familiar and the strange, they are about what it means to live in the world, how far you can end up from where you came from, and what it means to look back.

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