Cruise at HOME

20th July 2023 – 12th August 2023

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1988. Soho. His Last Night on Earth

The “stunning, joyful and wholeheartedly life-grabbing” (The Guardian), Olivier award-nominated Cruise is the true story of what should have been Michael Spencer’s last night on earth.

When he’s diagnosed with HIV in 1984, Michael is told he’ll have four years to live – at most. On the last night of his four-year countdown, Michael decides to go out with a bang. He says his goodbyes, dances, sings and says yes to everything and everyone.

Written and performed with “vast charm, empathy and energy” (Evening Standard) by Jack Holden, Cruise at HOME is a celebration of queer culture. A kaleidoscopic musical and spoken word tribute to the veterans of the AIDs crisis with an irresistible 80s soundtrack. Cruise will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to live every day as if it’s your last.

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