Cocktails & Cinquains / Mr Scruff + DJ Sequinella at Contact Theatre

Cocktails & Cinquains / Mr Scruff + DJ Sequinella
Contact Theatre
24th June 2022

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Cocktails & Cinquains / Mr Scruff + DJ Sequinella

Contact’s new AD/CEO Keisha Thompson invites you to rejoice in her new reign at the castle with a night of Carnival, Cocktails & Cinquains and celebrations into the early hours with DJ sets from Mr Scruff and DJ Sequinella.

What makes a good cocktail? What on earth is a cinquain? And why have Contact put the two together? Join them for a night of boisterous beverages and punchy poetry and find out! Treat yourself to a high-quality mix of a spirited guest poet, a performance mixologist, a mixer act and much more.

Things start with Keisha’s favourite cocktail, then descend into a world of mixology mystery. The challenge will be to create a whole new drink inspired by poetry and reactions.

For those who want to engage with the full experience, tickets will be available for you to enjoy the night as well as the feature cocktail and mocktail. Otherwise, just buy a regular ticket and sip on some water, all are welcome.

For this special night of celebration, the party will continue post-poetry with sets from Mr Scruff and DJ Sequinella taking us all the way up to 2.30am.

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