Chinese Football at Canvas

Chinese Football
18th August 2023

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Chinese Football

Originating from Wuhan, Chinese Football are an indie rock sensation that emerged in 2011. Led by the talented singer and guitarist Xu Bo, the band’s lineup also features guitarist Wang Bo, singer and bassist Li Lixing, and drummer Xia Chao.

During his high school days in the 2000s, Xu Bo’s passion for music was fueled by his love for pop punk bands, with the Internet serving as a gateway to discovering new sounds. Among his top favourites were bands like Jimmy Eats World, Saves the Day, Brand New, and The Early November, whose emo sounds significantly influenced Chinese Football’s musical journey.

The band’s name pays tribute to the American Midwest band, American Football. Xu Bo playfully acknowledges that the name serves as a joke. While Western audiences can easily recognize the nod to American Football, Chinese audiences, on the other hand, often relate it to the Chinese soccer team – a delightful twist that adds a touch of cultural flair to their identity.

Chinese Football’s blend of indie rock vibes and influences from both East and West have captivated audiences, both at home and internationally. With Xu Bo’s soulful vocals, Wang Bo’s impressive guitar skills, Li Lixing’s melodic bass lines, and Xia Chao’s dynamic drumming, the band crafts a truly unique sound that resonates with fans worldwide.

As the band continues to evolve and grow, Chinese Football is making significant waves in the indie music scene, leaving a lasting impression with their compelling, twangy melodies. Catch them at Canvas this August.

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