Brittany Davis at The Deaf Institute


Brittany is a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, soul innovator and performer from Seattle, WA. Brittany (they/them) is blind and describes themself as a vessel of sound and experiences music in spirit and colors. Everything about Brittany represents music and
everything is an instrument to them.

Their new album, Image Issues, was produced by Brittany and Josh Evans (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Brandi Carlile, Painted Shield & more).

The concept around the debut album is to create an “audio movie”, so that listeners can “watch” the movie the way that Brit “watches” movies. The “Treadmill memories” which includes some spoken word pieces, tie all the songs together, but also tell the story of Brit’s past, struggles and internal voices. Brit’s honesty is brutal and incredible.

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