British Art Show 9 at HOME, Castlefield Gallery & the Whitworth

British Art Show 9
HOME, Castlefield Gallery & the Whitworth
26th May 2022 – 3rd September 2022

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British Art Show 9 explores three overarching themes – healing, care and reparative history; tactics for togetherness; and imagining new futures. Each of the four exhibitions will also adapt to local contexts. In Manchester the exhibition will engage with the evolving nature of work and the ongoing struggle to shape a new social contract.

Manchester’s legacy as the world’s first industrial city was made possible by the mass exploitation of the working class – the subject of Friedrich Engels’s The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845). New ways to think, live and work emerged from this environment, including a spirit of resistance and community. These ideas resonate with many of the British Art Show 9 artists’ interest in new proposals for living with social justice, care and healing at their core. The presentation in Manchester also explores how technology, and in particular Artificial Intelligence, is radically transforming how we work and connect with others.

Most of the exhibiting venues for British Art Show 9 in Manchester are here on the Corridor including HOME, Manchester Poetry Library, Castlefield Gallery and The Whitworth as well as Manchester Art Gallery.


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