Brighter Sound Bruntwood Stage Takeover at HOME

Brighter Sound Bruntwood Stage Takeover
25th June 2021 – 26th June 2021

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Brighter Sound is a pioneering creative music charity based in Manchester, they nurture the music creators, leaders and industry professionals of the future, with a strong focus on supporting people who are underrepresented, or face barriers.

Details are yet to be announced of their takeover of the Bruntwood stage at Homeground, but we’re looking forward to seeing locally nurtured talent lighting it up on this summer’s hottest stage.

Rooted in the North of England and open to the world, Brighter Sound’s bold and responsive programme includes creative projects, commissions, residencies, workshops, training and events to help people with everything from artistic and career development to building communities, personal confidence and wellbeing.

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