Bloomsday 2024 at International Anthony Burgess Foundation

Anthony Burgess at the piano (credit: Anthony Burgess Foundation)

You are warmly invited to attend a Bloomsday celebration this summer, celebrating Anthony Burgess’s favourite book, James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Joyce’s novel is set in Dublin on a single day: 16 June 1904. ‘Bloomsday’ is so called because two of the book’s protagonists are called Leopold and Molly Bloom.

Anthony Burgess wrote two non-fiction books, a stage musical and many articles in response to the work of James Joyce. He even wrote the forward to a Joyce-themed cookery book. His 1980 novel Earthly Powers features Joyce as a character and includes a performance of Blooms of Dublin, his musical based on Ulysses.

The Bloomsday social will include music, speeches, a short film, and traditional Irish hospitality.

Tickets for the Bloomsday social are free, but numbers are strictly limited, so please sign up.

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