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Bleach Lab
8th November 2023

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In the four years between forming and emerging with their debut EP, Bleach Lab slowly accrued members to contribute to their ever-changing, experimental vision. Forming in 2017 as a duo of bassist Josh Longman and guitarist Frank Wates, they then recruited vocalist Jenna Kyle, before reaching their final form at the start of 2021 with the recruitment of drummer Kieran Weston.

They introduced themselves fully to the world with their debut EP ‘A Calm Sense Of Surrounding’ in March 2021 and returned later that year with the second EP ‘Nothing Feels Real’, working with famed producer Stephen Street (Blur, The Smiths). Bleach Lab’s third EP ‘If You Only Feel It Once’ out 4th November 2022, is the band’s first release since signing with Nettwerk. Produced by Duncan Mills (Peace, The Vaccines, Jake Bugg), it’s a record that looks back in its lyrical content but firmly forward in its music.

Across the three EPs, the band has experimented without restriction, dipping their toes into unfamiliar genres to fully work out what kind of band they are, what works best for them, and where to go next. While in their instrumentation, Bleach Lab are always striving to break new ground and be constantly on the move sonically, their lyrics –especially on their upcoming third EP –are instead concerned with striving for stillness and balance.

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