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Binaural Beats Sharing + Danny H EP Launch
10th June 2022

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Journey Through the Multiverse is a soundtrack EP produced by Danny H as part of their Level Up project. It is a unique sound palette using a blend of real-world instruments, samples and software instruments to create a chill, ethereal, thought-provoking EP that ‘provides imagery like a film score.’

Danny H. is a producer, composer, guitarist, finger drummer and songwriter from Manchester UK. Writing original music, he created a unique sound palette using a blend of real-world instruments, samples and software instruments. Danny H. Plays the electric guitar, Finger drums all the drums and percussion and plays in the software instruments like ethereal gated pads, massive lush keys and LFO sub basses.   

Danny takes the melodic elements from chill step and movie soundtracks, the hard-hitting drums and guitars from rock, the bass lines from dubstep, the percussion and the strings from middle eastern and Cuban music and blends them together to get his own sound. His songs have a sense of an ever-expanding sound, one that can’t quite be captured and they paint a vivid picture that (for Danny H.) no matter what that picture is the sci fi element is involved.  

Currently he has just finished his debut 4 track EP titled Journey Through The Multiverse. As the EP name suggests each song will take you on a journey through different places in space and time but more importantly each song represents a place in the psyche of Danny H. This EP represents the very fundamental idea of humanity but spread throughout the “multiverse”. From LFO sub basses to ethereal pads and hard-hitting drums to distorted guitars, Danny H. Introduces you to a wide sound palette that will pull you into new worlds. Join Danny H. as he takes you to places unbound by time beyond your imagination. 

The EP has been described by industry professionals Tom Burfurd of Contours, HMD and Sam Malik as chill, ethereal, thought provoking, imaginative and provides imagery like a film score. Initially starting off in EDM Danny H. Spent time honing his skills, branching out into new territories he tried making new music, experimenting with different sounds. He maintained the fundamental sound he had generated but it had evolved to use these extra elements. His music is layered and he doesn’t restrict himself to any one genre. 

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