Autosuggestion at Big Hands

Big Hands
13th July 2024

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Autosuggestion’s artistic approach combines the austere post-punk artists of the late ’70s and early ’80s with a dedicated focus on songwriting as a medium of bodily expression. This blend shapes Autosuggestion into a fervent chimaera, accessing their philosophies and emotions and presenting them through interlocking rhythms, aggressive yet articulate guitars, and tempered vocal melodies and lyrics.

Formed out of admiration for original post-punk and new wave sounds, Autosuggestion also draws inspiration from contemporary bands like Eagulls and Sievehead, as well as local acts in Hull at venues such as the Adelphi and Polar Bear. Their live performances are marked by an ‘everything at 100% all the time’ mindset and a tight-knit bond and sense of kinship.

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