Arōōr/ǎ at HOME

21st July 2022 – 25th July 2022

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London, United Kingdom – Friday 26 November 2021, FITF – Numbi Arts, Future 001 Xuriyo.

2021/22 marks three decades since the onset of the Somali war. This work takes this critical moment as a springboard to step into an imaginary future. The work is a performance that is part play/part installation, exploring the first-person future tense.

The stand-alone installation is composed of modernist artefacts of the post-colonial era steeped in symbolic meaning and carves out a space for those willing to journey into imagined realities.

You can watch the performance connected with this installation on Thur 21 – Sat 23 July at 3pm.

Ârōōr /ǎ speculates a future where old spectres of the late capitalist era have been laid to rest and attempts to define the current of the new reality with the currently war torn city of Muqdisho as its centre.

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