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Until Jul 2021 Saturnalia
ProjektsMCR | 8 – 10 July 2021

Contact presents a new show at ProjektsMCR that will transport audiences into an underground world of bass, politics and belonging – rising from the ashes of our brand-new world.

Until Oct 2021 Peaceophobia
Q-Park First Street Car Park | 29 September – 2 October 2021

Peaceophobia uses real cars and location combined with cinematic lighting and an original sound score to create an immersive theatrical experience.

Until Jun 2021 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
HOME | 3 – 26 June 2021

HOME brings A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Homeground and it’s set to be one of the highlights of HOME’s season-don’t miss it!

Until Jun 2021 Horizons Festival 2021
HOME | 11 – 17 June 2021

Presented by HOME in partnership with Community Arts North West, Horizons Festival 2021 embraces the national Refugee Week theme ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’,

Until Nov 2020 Livestream: High Rise eState Of Mind
HOME | 18 – 19 November 2020

This is an online stream of a live performance taking place on the HOME stage. A stunning new show from the makers of No Milk For Foxes, DenMarked and BAC Beatbox Academy’s Frankenstein exposing young people’s fears of where they will live, will they ever afford to live somewhere clean and safe, and is a home just a modern day pipe […]

Until Nov 2020 Livestream: A Grand Auction of my Life
HOME | 27 November 2020

This is an online stream of a live performance taking place on the HOME stage. Tonight we offer you a chance to bid on my most treasured artefacts, A song a painting a kitchen item a jacket potato a sculpture a tribute act a deeply buried feeling a family member a recurring dream some fog […]

Until Nov 2020 Livestream: The End
HOME | 12 – 14 November 2020

This is an online stream of a live performance taking place on the HOME stage. Commissioned by The Place and Warwick Arts Centre In this new piece, Bert and Nasi dance the end of their relationship, imagining what a future without each other might look like.Above the stage and projected onto a screen, two parallel […]

Until Nov 2020 Link Up: Queering the Dramaturg – Roma Havers & Frankie Blaus in Dialogue
Contact Theatre | 25 November 2020

Roma Havers will invite Frankie Blaus, her editing partner and dramaturg of her new performance LOB, to take part in a conversation. They’ll discuss what it is that makes dramaturgy Queer and how to work with a dramaturg as a performance maker. About LOB: It’s the year 2000 and my grandmother, dreaming of Wimbledon glory, […]

Until Nov 2020 Link Up: Mark Croasdale –Staying“Well” In
Contact Theatre | 25 November 2020

Ahead of Staying In, Mark Croasdale invites a few fellow creatives to get cozy over a (socially distanced) brew with biscuits. They’ll discuss ‘wellbeing’, ‘queer wellness’ and whether we can transform our understanding of stress and anxiety? Viewers are encouraged to make a cuppa, grab a bourbon and join the discussion online. Staying in is […]

Until Nov 2020 Link Up: Mandla Rae – Trauma and Black Womxnhood
Contact Theatre | 26 November 2020

Mandla Rae will host two experts on trauma, body and healing and have a conversation about how trauma affects the mind and body.This conversation is inspired by Mandla’s research process for their upcoming solo show as british as a watermelon – where Mandla explores how childhood trauma and abuse continued to affect their adult life. […]

Until Nov 2020 The Starter Kit
Contact Theatre | 4 – 7 November 2020

Want to join ‘the movement’ but not sure where to start? Join Contact Young Company to investigate the ins and outs of social movements, and the tools you need to re-imagine the future. Contact Young Company are working with artists Amy Vreeke, Keisha Thompson and Javaad Alipoor to create a new piece of interactive, digital […]

Until Oct 2020 BGA 2020: Cheryl Martin – One Woman
Contact Theatre | 24 October 2020

One Woman is a hypnotic dreamscape. Through binaural sound the audience is drawn into the mind of a woman who grew up with severe depression and BPD (borderline personality disorder) as she tries to find the answer to who she was, how she came to be that person, who she might have been, and who […]

Until Nov 2020 Dot. Dot. Dot.
HOME | 24 – 26 November 2020

A new show for empty theatres. I have not been operating within the guidelines and I have not been guided by the science and I have not come out the other side stronger or wiser or better for the experience. I didn’t eat out to help out and I didn’t become a parent and I […]

Until Oct 2020 Don’t Go Back To Sleep: The Lockdown Album
HOME | 21 – 24 October 2020

A live verbatim album documenting everyday human experiences of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, in Britain and beyond. RashDash give voice to 18 people around the world – a mother in Milan, a professor in Britain , a student in China, a filmmaker in Kenya – sampling interviews and weaving text from transcripts into songs […]

Until Sep 2020 A Live Stream with Jay Rayner
HOME | 4 September 2020

Join award-winning restaurant critic, MasterChef judge and Kitchen Cabinet presenter Jay Rayner for a special one-off ‘in conversation’ to mark the paperback publication of his hit book My Last Supper, One Meal A Lifetime In The Making, streamed live from London’s Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zedel. He’ll be grilled to a turn by his Guardian […]