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Manchester Lit & Phil: Shedding new light on disease
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 31 July 2024 - 1 January 1970

Can we move away from the negativity of an ageing society and elevate a longevity society? With Professor Andrew J Scott.

Manchester Lit & Phil: Shedding new light on disease
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 3 July 2024

Can spectroscopy and AI help in the fight against cancer? Manchester Lit & Phi with Professor Peter Gardner.

Manchester Lit & Phil: Black Holes: the key to understanding the universe
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 24 June 2024

Black holes are fascinating objects because of the way they force us to address the biggest questions in physics such as the essential nature of space and time.

Manchester Lit & Phil: Beethoven, Bayreuth, Bernstein and Brexit: 200 years of the Ninth Symphony
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 11 June 2024

Two hundred years after its premiere, what does Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony actually mean? With Dr Micheal Downes

Manchester Lit & Phil: Spying through a glass darkly: can espionage be ethical?
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 6 June 2024

There are deep disagreements about the morality of espionage. Can it be morally justified? With Professor Cecile Fabre.

Research Cafe: Plants in Civic Futures
Contact | 10 April 2024

Plants in Civic Futures brings together academics to discuss interdisciplinary multispecies perspectives on plant lives and plant thinking.

Head North: Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram in conversation
Alliance Manchester Business School | 19 February 2024

Metro Mayors Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram discuss their groundbreaking new book ‘Head North: A Rallying Cry for a More Equal Britain’.

Manchester Lit & Phil – How can we make our cities greener?
Royal Northern College of Music | 18 January 2024

Join Manchester Lit & Phil and special guest Andy Burnham to explore the complex question of how to make our cities greener.

Accelerating Just Climate Action Conference
Alliance Manchester Business School | 12 December 2023

Accelerating Just Climate Action Conference is a one-day conference from Sustainable Futures, Tyndall Manchester, Henry Royce Institute and Creative Manchester.

Bunker Talks: Clare Chun-Yu Liu
The Salutation | 30 January 2024

This month’s Bunker Talk finds UK-based Taiwanese artist and researcher Clare Chun-yu Liu in conversation with Beccy Kennedy-Schtyk.

Bunker Talks: Jade Montserrat
The Salutation | 5 December 2023

Dr Jade de Montserrat is an artist concerned with challenging structures of care in institutions and the intersection of gender, race, class, and colonialism.

Bunker Talks: The Long Dead Stars
The Salutation | 7 November 2023

Writing and Composing EDP inspired by Mudstone, peak steel, and the dogger formations of the North Yorkshire coastline.

Fruits of the Earth: Food and Art
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 1 February 2024

Sara Riccardi discusses food in art, from traditional Dutch still lives to contemporary candy floss installations.

Reparations for our slavery links – how might they work?
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 12 December 2023

Robert Beckford will argue that, while those who have diligently campaigned for reparations for over half a century welcome these developments, they should also be cautious.

The Chinese in Britain – the latest chapter
International Anthony Burgess Foundation | 30 November 2023

Newsnight Economics Editor Ben Chu, we will seek to address questions such as what are the barriers to integration for this specific cohort of young British-born Chinese.

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